Friday, March 11, 2011

Lei Jun: Enjoy "the wedding" the shy

September 17, Jinshan Road Show was officially launched in Hong Kong. Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun Qiu Bojun two rushed to their boss, Singapore, London, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other national and regional road show to start. October 9, Jinshan will officially landed in Hong Kong main board.

The roadshows across the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, on a deep emotional Lei Jun scholar for the local customs, beautiful, and hotels in the plane "air office," remote control command far in Beijing's "brother Sisters, "that should be slightly stimulate tired, excited and proud of the sweet, young girls should be like a" wedding "kind of shy.

Jinshan and the first I heard the name of Lei Jun is in the middle school, because there was a tutorial on computer course is wps. So, after I was first aware of LEI that Microsoft and Bill - Gates.

October 2005, dominated in a conference, I first met had long admired the LEI.

Coincidentally, that he also talked about the future and fate of China-made software, "first with Microsoft, after piracy. Made software to survive in the cracks ... ..." Then, for Kingsoft's online game and dominate, I repeatedly Lei Jun, president done interview. Whenever it comes to online games, always Lei Jun Wang Feng, vice president at the time pushed to front of the camera, "because he is more familiar than I am!." Which dominate this one interview, Ge Ke, vice president of power attributed to themselves simply talking about the direction of the industry, such as online games require high-quality content, anti-virus software needs to occupy less space. On the issue of Kingsoft product, Lei Jun is no longer much rhetoric, as if to be an official guest.

At present, although the media has many media reports said Lei Jun is an interview that "Microsoft to Jinshan cited the wrong path, let us endlessly for product upgrades." Software as a national symbol of the brand, Jinshan For Microsoft, it seems always full of mind. Prior to that, there are also reports that "the world's encirclement Microsoft Gold Mountain."

In my opinion, this should be the media create a "smoke screen", not LEI true expression of ideas. From the many conversations on the LEI can see, he has been held on the Microsoft is the attitude of learning, great respect for competitors. This modest performance is also reflected in other areas, such as Shi Yuzhu boasted, "I a" journey "game, put all the games are over Gold Mountain." Critical juncture in public relations events, Lei Jun has done outdone in the "war of words" and he wanted proved Shi Yuzhu of the claim. Also, in the antivirus market is full of entertainment, the Panda burning incense and gray pigeons before the incident, before the incident also Norton, Lei Jun has not made any competitor's attack, which itself is the respect of competitors.

The first business of Jinshan WPS, and therefore once considered a "Chinese company." However, with pirated Microsoft software in China, the popularity of Kingsoft in 1997, fell into crisis. In order to reverse the decline, and Kingsoft Kingsoft Duba to transition. Later, online games have become an important position in Jinshan.

Therefore, the Jinshan software can be made recession, today's online games market into a downturn, teeth listing, not just the leadership of Kingsoft Lei Jun person's success, has become a successful IT business transformation case.

It is said that the first program listed is 1999, the twists and turns, ups and downs several times, the time pointer finally in October 2007. This time, the global IT human eyes are turned to Gold, has also turned to Lei Jun. As grand, Ninetowns, and many newcomers have already logged overseas capital markets, some people think, "got up early," the Gold Mountain is a "rush of a late set." Nevertheless, the mandate of heaven in the LEI does not make Microsoft's Bill Gates look down upon, also won the respect of the industry.

Jinshan listing will bring what? This is also the industry's common concerns. I think the key might be the following:

First, in addition to Lei Jun and Qiu Bojun, Jinshan has 430 employees hold shares. That is, industry will be more than 430 millionaires.

Second, Shanda, Netease has played a leading Chinese online games market in the first and second top spot of the order to change, Jinshan into the top three. Listed, Kingsoft launched a new online game to work, Except "The Spring and Autumn Q Biography>, the next year will launch , next year, launched last year under the < Jagged three>. During the road show, investors most frequently asked question is, with a grand, these online game company NetEase than Jinshan's strengths? Lei Jun answer is "technical." Because the technology is not the money, which online games market could be a huge shock.

Third, the growing threat to Microsoft. Prospectus shows that in 2004 net profit of 3.78 million yuan Jinshan in 2005 35.66 million yuan, 99.52 million yuan in 2006, first quarter of 2007 was 32.71 million yuan, net profit in 2007 to more than 100 million yuan. Jinshan because of money, no longer afraid of Microsoft monopoly.

Finally, Lei Jun, president of the personal life may also change. This is the journalists are concerned about. Currently, 6 am wake up on time, colleagues and relatives and domestic phone and send and receive mail; 7:00 dragging luggage from the hotel with breakfast; 8:00 meeting with investors; 14:00, by plane to the next stop - New York.

In the past some days, Lei Jun, president of the matchmaking company also for the employees, the company held a press conference, and journalists litchi chat. After listing, due to the constraints the Board, he may speak more cautious, and journalists might have alienated the distance, perhaps also the specialized agencies public relations agent, so that may be true, as Mr. Chen Lei Jun, Ding Lei, Zhang Chaoyang, like other celebrities Even the phone number did not dare to leave the journalists, and some sensitive news conference is not over, it directed at the venue door gone.

Perhaps these fears are unnecessary, because after all, LEI LEI.


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