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Lei Jun: Enjoy "the wedding" the shy

September 17, Jinshan Road Show was officially launched in Hong Kong. Kingsoft CEO Lei Jun Qiu Bojun two rushed to their boss, Singapore, London, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other national and regional road show to start. October 9, Jinshan will officially landed in Hong Kong main board.

The roadshows across the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, on a deep emotional Lei Jun scholar for the local customs, beautiful, and hotels in the plane "air office," remote control command far in Beijing's "brother Sisters, "that should be slightly stimulate tired, excited and proud of the sweet, young girls should be like a" wedding "kind of shy.

Jinshan and the first I heard the name of Lei Jun is in the middle school, because there was a tutorial on computer course is wps. So, after I was first aware of LEI that Microsoft and Bill - Gates.

October 2005, dominated in a conference, I first met had long admired the LEI.

Coincidentally, that he also talked about the future and fate of China-made software, "first with Microsoft, after piracy. Made software to survive in the cracks ... ..." Then, for Kingsoft's online game and dominate, I repeatedly Lei Jun, president done interview. Whenever it comes to online games, always Lei Jun Wang Feng, vice president at the time pushed to front of the camera, "because he is more familiar than I am!." Which dominate this one interview, Ge Ke, vice president of power attributed to themselves simply talking about the direction of the industry, such as online games require high-quality content, anti-virus software needs to occupy less space. On the issue of Kingsoft product, Lei Jun is no longer much rhetoric, as if to be an official guest.

At present, although the media has many media reports said Lei Jun is an interview that "Microsoft to Jinshan cited the wrong path, let us endlessly for product upgrades." Software as a national symbol of the brand, Jinshan For Microsoft, it seems always full of mind. Prior to that, there are also reports that "the world's encirclement Microsoft Gold Mountain."

In my opinion, this should be the media create a "smoke screen", not LEI true expression of ideas. From the many conversations on the LEI can see, he has been held on the Microsoft is the attitude of learning, great respect for competitors. This modest performance is also reflected in other areas, such as Shi Yuzhu boasted, "I a" journey "game, put all the games are over Gold Mountain." Critical juncture in public relations events, Lei Jun has done outdone in the "war of words" and he wanted proved Shi Yuzhu of the claim. Also, in the antivirus market is full of entertainment, the Panda burning incense and gray pigeons before the incident, before the incident also Norton, Lei Jun has not made any competitor's attack, which itself is the respect of competitors.

The first business of Jinshan WPS, and therefore once considered a "Chinese company." However, with pirated Microsoft software in China, the popularity of Kingsoft in 1997, fell into crisis. In order to reverse the decline, and Kingsoft Kingsoft Duba to transition. Later, online games have become an important position in Jinshan.

Therefore, the Jinshan software can be made recession, today's online games market into a downturn, teeth listing, not just the leadership of Kingsoft Lei Jun person's success, has become a successful IT business transformation case.

It is said that the first program listed is 1999, the twists and turns, ups and downs several times, the time pointer finally in October 2007. This time, the global IT human eyes are turned to Gold, has also turned to Lei Jun. As grand, Ninetowns, and many newcomers have already logged overseas capital markets, some people think, "got up early," the Gold Mountain is a "rush of a late set." Nevertheless, the mandate of heaven in the LEI does not make Microsoft's Bill Gates look down upon, also won the respect of the industry.

Jinshan listing will bring what? This is also the industry's common concerns. I think the key might be the following:

First, in addition to Lei Jun and Qiu Bojun, Jinshan has 430 employees hold shares. That is, industry will be more than 430 millionaires.

Second, Shanda, Netease has played a leading Chinese online games market in the first and second top spot of the order to change, Jinshan into the top three. Listed, Kingsoft launched a new online game to work, Except "The Spring and Autumn Q Biography>, the next year will launch , next year, launched last year under the < Jagged three>. During the road show, investors most frequently asked question is, with a grand, these online game company NetEase than Jinshan's strengths? Lei Jun answer is "technical." Because the technology is not the money, which online games market could be a huge shock.

Third, the growing threat to Microsoft. Prospectus shows that in 2004 net profit of 3.78 million yuan Jinshan in 2005 35.66 million yuan, 99.52 million yuan in 2006, first quarter of 2007 was 32.71 million yuan, net profit in 2007 to more than 100 million yuan. Jinshan because of money, no longer afraid of Microsoft monopoly.

Finally, Lei Jun, president of the personal life may also change. This is the journalists are concerned about. Currently, 6 am wake up on time, colleagues and relatives and domestic phone and send and receive mail; 7:00 dragging luggage from the hotel with breakfast; 8:00 meeting with investors; 14:00, by plane to the next stop - New York.

In the past some days, Lei Jun, president of the matchmaking company also for the employees, the company held a press conference, and journalists litchi chat. After listing, due to the constraints the Board, he may speak more cautious, and journalists might have alienated the distance, perhaps also the specialized agencies public relations agent, so that may be true, as Mr. Chen Lei Jun, Ding Lei, Zhang Chaoyang, like other celebrities Even the phone number did not dare to leave the journalists, and some sensitive news conference is not over, it directed at the venue door gone.

Perhaps these fears are unnecessary, because after all, LEI LEI.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Starting from the machine filter ARP cheating worm eradication

ARP does not need to deceive the power of the virus writer to say, especially now that many viruses have a similar worm ARP feature, should up more trouble. There are many online articles are introduced to how to respond to the enterprise network ARP cheating virus appeared, but most of all we need to address the core switch MAC address filtering or binding, if we do not have administrative rights on the switch how should it ? today, let us start from the machine filter ARP cheating worm eradication of it.

First, install 8Signs Firewall filtering software:

This article focuses on the machine to filter out from the error of false ARP packets to deceive, we pass the name 8Signs Firewall software to implement this feature. He is an easy to use software firewall, use it to help the user to restrict the illicit network connections to access local resources, and he can also help users to limit access to the local computer network, the bad resources.

Step one: Run 8Signs Firewall setup, we use the V3.01a Beta version, point "NEXT" button to continue. (Figure 1)

Step two: install the agreement agreed to select the installation directory, the default path is c: program files8signs firewall. Point "NEXT" button to continue. (Figure 2)

Step three: Set after the ready to begin installing the software, copy files to the local hard disk to be. (Figure 3)

Step four: The next is written to the registry, self-starting services and related processes, pop-up dialog box is initialized for 8Signs Firewall settings. First of all, the software user setting, we choose the first "Make my ruleset for me" (set rules on this account) can be. (Figure 4)

Step Five: The software supports remote management capabilities, we can set the password and the default management port for remote control and monitoring. Of course, for the most part we do not need this feature, directly select "NO" can be. (Figure 5)

Step six: Set the startup mode of the software firewall, YES is the start and start with the system. (Figure 6)

Step Seven: Finally, a crucial step, certainly can not choose the wrong, he is let you set the default, if the firewall is not open, then allow or block communication communications. This should be determined based on actual use, I suggest that you select ALLOW allowed, otherwise no Internet access, the firewall was not any more difficult to find the driving source of the problem was. (See Figure 7)

Step eight: After installation, restart the computer before they could set to take effect, point "Finish" button to end the installation. (Figure 8)

So far we have completed the 8Signs Firewall software firewall installation, then on him to help us eradicate the worm ARP cheating.

Second, starting from the local filter ARP cheating worm eradication:

ARP cheating attack the virus lies to deceive ARP mapping table corresponding to the gateway MAC address information pointing to the wrong address. When we execute arp-a view the local ARP cache should be able to see a different IP address corresponding to the same MAC address, in particular, the gateway address the existence of such correspondence. (Figure 9)

To deal with this error bound relationship, we can use 8Signs Firewall rules in the law.

The first step: restart the computer after install and then start the original program 8Signs Firewall default firewall rules prohibit or delete ARP, ARP tab directly above and the corresponding selection rules can disable right click select disable. (Figure 10)

Step Two: Rule menu and then set up trusted IP Address Group, the address group for the establishment of a name. (Figure 11)

Step Three: In the newly created group to add a IP address corresponding to the message that the gateway IP address to join. (Figure 12)

Step four: After the establishment of complete IP address of group MAC address groups also need to build, we build trust through the Rules menu and the MAC Group. (Figure 13)

Step five: the same group as the MAC address of a name and enter the real MAC address of the gateway device to establish rules for the default rule. (Figure 14)

Step Six: Return to the software's main interface, under the rules in the network adapters to create a new ARP rules, remember to select the ARP tab on the right. (Figure 15)

Step Seven: In the Add Rule window, select filtering Filter tab, then select the previous match had been allowed to set a good group of filtering rules. (Figure 16)

Step eight: in the same window actions Action tab, select "ALLOW" allowed, so that only the matching rules of the ARP packet will be sent and received, the other does not meet the rules of the packet is discarded. (Figure 17)

Ninth step: If there is a network worm ARP deception, then we will see after opening 8Signs Firewall LOG logging a lot of information in the article shows that this error does not match ARP packets discarded information. (Figure 18)

10th step: Finally, we let 8Signs Firewall program with the system start or add to the Group Policy startup script or you can start the script.

So far we have completed the ARP from the machine to start cheating worm eradication work, this paper is the use of filtering software firewall 8Signs Firewall rules to achieve the eradication of function, of course, this method is very effective, than simply using the arp-s to bind ARP cache information better, to know arp-s command encountered the virus after a strong point about losing the role of ARP.

Third, sum up:

This article only describes 8Signs Firewall software firewall, in fact, many software firewalls have this feature, we only need to follow this line of thought to the firewall software to find information about ARP filtering function can, by scanning all sent and received ARP data to achieve the filtering effect, would be a false ARP packets stop cheating outside of the operating system, let us be more stable and secure internal networks running.


This article describes the method of prevention is only a passive approach, the network that Taiwan ARP cheating virus infected machines will continue to attack, so the key is to identify the machine to his isolation and anti-virus.

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Distributed PowerBuilder works

Chapter XVI Distributed PowerBuilder works
16.1 Virtual Machine

In this chapter, we describe in detail the working mechanism of Distributed PowerBuilder.

PowerBuilder in the server virtual machine model is achieved. Whenever a link to the client and server, the server for the client to open a separate memory, the formation of an independent virtual machine.

If we have four client applications to link to the server, PowerBuilder will set up four virtual machines, the four virtual machines are independent of each other, each with four different memory blocks, they are not directly between Sharing.

In addition, we need to point out that so far as to, PowerBuilder of all function calls are synchronous, which also includes the realization of Distributed PowerBuilder. When an application is called a proxy defined function, this application will be in a wait state until the service side of the NVO to final results to return. Before the return of the NVO, the application will be temporarily suspended the operating system.

PowerBuilder can not be directly shared memory, and the client and server session is synchronized.

16.2 remote call function parameters

Client call a remote NVO may use the function parameters. The function parameter can be any simple data type (Simple Data Types), including the structure, array, etc., reference method (By Reference) or directly by value (By Value) can be. PowerBuilder also supports NVO object parameters.

However, PowerBuilder does not support the use of the object pass parameters by reference. In PowerBuilder, there are a number of complex objects, such as the data window, window object and so on, we can not pass parameters by reference. This is a remote call parameters PowerBuilder restrictions.

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If tomorrow is the last night of IPv4

How do we know when they will run out of IPv4 address space? When that day arrives, what happens? Authority who can answer these two questions?

We are using IPv4 on the Internet is built, according to the definition of IPv4, it can provide 4.3 billion address spaces, even with so many addresses, after decades of distribution, is now available for distribution of IPv4 addresses is almost exhausted, and from time to time There are reports that two years in the IPv4 address can be assigned to the no. Assigned IP addresses of organizations, such as the American Internet address registration authority (American Registry for Internet Numbers, ARIN) try to predict when it will run out of IPv4 address space, but has been unable to precisely specify which day.

ARIN XXV, held in last week's strategy session, ARIN's CIO Richard Jimmerson explains ARIN IPv4 address is how to predict when it will run out.

Jimmerson said: "We are about to run out of IPv4 address space, but the trouble is we can not accurately specify the exact date that day, according to application needs and we recover the number of redistribution of the address space, this date may be moved, under the current understanding of the situation analysis, may occur in the middle of next year to the end of a day, ARIN will receive a reasonable request for IPv4 address space, but first we have to say no. "

He said that if the other party that there is no redistribution of IPv4 addresses will be shocked, which is why the promotion of IPv6, ARIN has been the main reason, according to the definition of IPv6, it can provide 340 hundred million trillion Internet addresses, known to all the world things assigned an IP address, IP address does not appear again after the depletion of the situation. 51CTO Editor Note: the relevant knowledge about IPv6, IPv6 protocol, click to expand network infinite space.

It is noteworthy that, ARIN IPv4 address for the first day of rejection is not necessarily the IPv4 address exhaustion of the day.

Jimmerson said: "For different sizes, different types of organizations, that day may be different, for example, some major international organizations, the number of addresses to apply more generally, such an organization is likely to become our first rejected his application object, then we had to tell him that we did not have the address to you, you have to apply for the number of Gaixiao that if this happens, that IPv4 addresses allocated and the day will soon come. "

Other applications for thousands of IPv4 addresses in an organization, this day may be more at a later, but sooner or later even the smallest applications ARIN also can not satisfy the request, Jimmerson said.

Currently, ARIN assigned minimum address size is / 22 addresses, or IPv4 address of 1024, Jimmerson said, can not wait for long, ARIN will be assigned the smallest address block reduced to / 24, that is, 256 IPv4 addresses.

When ARIN will be the last IPv4 address space allocation exhausted, still retaining some of IPv4 addresses. Jimmerson said: "According to the strategic plan, we will retain the special part of IPv4 addresses," he said many years ago, people realized that IPv4 addresses will run out of the day, but also aware of the IPv6 network IPv4 network lost a lot of advantages , it was decided to retain part of the IPv4 address space as a backup, mainly used for DNS and protocol conversion services.

Jimmerson said: "We decided to keep / 8 in the / 10 address side, / 8 address block, including 16,777,214 a IP address, and / 10 addresses, including four million IP addresses. So when we allocated and IPv4 addresses, we still retains / 10 addresses, DNS and agreements fully meet the demand for transfer services address. "

ARIN is responsible for the United States, Canada and Caribbean IP address space allocation, it is the world's five Regional Internet Registries (Regional Internet Registry, RIR) one of the organizations, which are encoded from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority address (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, IANA) obtain IP address, the other four RIR are in Europe RIPE NCC, the Asia-Pacific region APNIC, LACNIC in Latin America and Africa AfriNIC.

Jimmerson said: "When the IANA only 5 / 8 addresses when each RIR allocation strategy is a / 8 address above. Current IANA on hand only 20 / 8 address above, but with the IPv4 address space close to depletion, ARIN applications received in recent years has gradually reduced, in the North American market, IPv4 address space has reached saturation, but other parts of the world the demand is constantly rising, especially in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America on the demand for IPv4 addresses to the highest level in history. "

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"Fallout 3" aircraft carrier task of the city of clues and details of the extension

Task ------------------------

1. The main line, not to say.

2. To find the robot part, 2 outcomes, the key is to find the other half of the recluse carrier Pinkerton, a lot of discussions, not to say.

3. Bomb the city's survey history of the city carrier. Most people will tell you to go Bannon, is the market area selling clothes that guy, he will boast that their city to create a carrier, there are still seats in parliament, some telling you where to go underground bar owner, she will tell you the real history is Pinkerton's, then go find the other half of the aircraft carrier Pinkerton, he will tell you all, and the first aircraft carrier City Council records.

4. Abraham. Washington for the elderly (the name is very interesting, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington's complex, so you find them two items related to the President that he would buy) tell you to go to the Declaration of Independence, there are many posts to discuss here do not say. Also found in Lincoln souvenirs at the Museum of History, he would buy super cheap - -, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights looks like he will buy.

------------ Book on the branch outside the mission task ----------------------

1.Angela and Diego's love, see here there are 2 ways to complete. Of course, the queen honey can kill the ants in THOSE task free of charge after

2. Carrier top tower Xiangtiao Lou's old Lopez, the afternoon can be met, but from the Father to find out what the message looks like it is 3 o'clock he was going down after an hour? Can help him jump from a building, to convince him, or let he jumped.

3. Is the mother abused the boy Tammy James, if nostalgic perk can give you a day to let him steal ammunition, nor is it a lot. Convincing good also allows him to leave his mother, but to reduce karma, do not know no better outcome. When to persuade him to run after and play with the little girl will catch up with the door sad cry. Another aircraft carrier deck in the afternoon you can see their two childhood playing ~ he let girls play his mother, his play her - -

4.Bannon you to investigate Seagrave Holmas is not there as a Member of the evidence against him.

5. Addicts Cantelli, has been so completely disappointed wife, said to be able to persuade him to drug treatment, 50 of the speech but I have no treatment options for him, there is to know the students to add. Of course, you can give him drugs, but will reduce the karma.

------------ And the carrier are also some clues regarding the city -----------

1. Metamorphosis male Dukov (4 individuals had the keys is to kill one of the objectives of the task) there's pajamas beauty will ask you to take her to the carrier to the city, extra karma, if you do not take her 5 days later, she will go back to the original dwelling and is no longer and you go.

2. To the fire ant task to find the little boy home, destination, carrier is also the city's landlord Vara Weatherly.

3. Your childhood rival Butch recruited in the city carrier, in the bottom bar, when 101 did not need to kill him. See in particular here

4. Is kill 4 enemies the keys of the task (in undergurand pick of) the one between the keys in the meal a young man Ted who can convince him, threatened him get the key, it is easy, of course, can kill him. In addition, the above-mentioned old Lopez to persuade other jumping events, to persuade the elderly is that the young man, because he did not father, but the key is his father.

5. Meal, Miss Wong among suspected Sisiter (this name is really a 2) is his slave hunters to hunt, you can give her 25cap let her buy a gun, she will give you a slave camp Temple of Union to coordinate the dialogue of other options I did not test (which has not recorded) do not know what the outcome. Like Sister and Zimmer also live in the city carrier hotel, and can be found in the records from the hotel, stating that they are all outsiders.

6. Ammunition is the slave traders, businessmen Flak mission objectives arrest, he was arrested, the other person will then sell ammunition

------------------- Relationships, details ----------------

1. The little girl's parents Young couple one is a repairman is cleaner, has the gall to live so much room.

2. The little girl looks like and the parents usually do not live together but sleep in the Flak room. This ... ...

3.Doc.Li of bed every day a new man. And the relationship between and dad are very ambiguous, several hesitantly

4.Angela Diego man actually and not a room, told her to get up and you will be pleased to discuss and Diego's wedding. A friend corrected, that is her father.

5.Seagrave chasing landlord Vara Weatherly, Weatherly did not appreciate, however, when they two were alone, you can hear the funny side of the dialogue, seemingly mainly Seagrave enough man.

6. Hotelier Vara Weatherly where you can find out that a lot of information, as long as you are convincing high enough.

7. People are very concerned about the water thing, usually, and guards can hear the conversation.

8. At the city business district will be closed carrier, entered by the guards found to have been following you and calling you out, do not know if it will have been hostile and refuse to leave

Continue to account for floor

9. The church podium inside an empty whisky bottle, it seems sometimes to a priest, and the priest's private locker with an ashtray ... ...

There is also no mention of what the invitation to continue to add ah, I will update this post

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Two Errors in the exchange of links

On Google ranking, many people know that link is a very important factor, many people are principles that link the factory.

However, Google or other search engines ranking, your link to more, here's the link that is more effective links, or links are higher quality, not the kind of cheating ah what the site is basically Such examples are common, that is, just do a web site, on the search engines caught, and this is why? way ahead seems simple done some links, in fact that is no secret of, as opposed to some of the popular Key words, you need only some key words in its title Riga, keyword optimization, the written description, alt attributes increase, the do under the Links, then your website within the meaning of words in the search engine rankings surely up, but still very front rank. So the link is a good text or pictures to you? It also said it? Text link is definitely a good strategic, as well as links when we must think about the other side of the site is not your peers, if it is accompanied of the OK, there are many who do not want to do link to this peer's ranking on Google did not help, you do not do peer-link mainly because you are afraid he stole your list, in fact not the case, do business there are many factors in there, this alone is not enough, I believe that everyone is aware of this.

Wrong link exchange:

1, do not think that the higher the better PR.

Many site owners asking to exchange links, the first request is to exceed the number of how many pr.

For similar web sites, web PR is better. This will convert your backlinks, but also can improve your site's PR value, to make your site ranking will be a great contribution (based on hilltop algorithm, ranking the final decision on the number of sites and links quality)

However, if exchange links with sites unrelated to your site, then even high PR and then the role of your website is not great. Here refers not only to improve your PR, but also to your site's ranking. Independent station with your main website, google the link would not change his position for the effective score.

Despite the high PR site links, is similar sites, but if the site has links to pages linked N-Out, so the role of PR for your website is not great. (However, this at least as the situation than the above to be optimistic, but also in the website ranking of the time, this site also occupies a role can not be ignored.)

2, do not believe that the number of links as possible.

Of course, there will be two sides to everything. Is the number the better the link, links web site is not only similar, but also high-quality site (also a high-quality category). In this concept (the number of links as possible) and driven by a lot of people are trying very hard to find the link, especially a free self-help links. Actually, this is no good for profits, many search engines have said the links on this garbage punishment (if you were, then advise you one: quickly receive hands!).

Exchange links a personal view:

1, to see whether the linked site has been the major search engines of your updates by search engines how often (in search results you can see the last update time of the dividend, if more than three days without updates, it will not display) ; if the chain into the major search engines your site is also updated frequently, then your site will account for a lot of light. Because search engines will also link to update the site accordingly, so you do not need to go to the search engine company Jiaoqian to help you updated (such as "Baidu")

2, it was a big categories included (such as: dmoz, yahoo, etc.); such a low PR sites only temporary things will be longer than a month some time, the PR people will fly up to the time you talk to people exchange, people may not agree, and all have a vision of things to deal with the current)

3, it was included most of the pages within the site; if a site of good quality, reasonable structure, then that is such a Web site popular search engine favor. The number of pages your PR value is directly proportional. Of course, some sites dividend collection of more than 2,000 pages, while others have only a collection of more than 80. The latter will certainly be very bad. We see how much your ratio, not only the number. If the former has only a collection of some 100,000 more than 2000 pages, this is not considered a very good web site, which contains only 100 to more than 80. Obviously the latter is much higher quality than the earlier ones had to be. This site would be a good exchange of objects.

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Audio CD Ripper Plus

CD Ripper Plus is software which allows you to rip CDA Tracks from audio CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and APE audio files - fast and easy! This software will automatically get the information about the Audio CD from the internet, including the album name, the artist name and the tracks names. Also, you can set the ID3 tags of the destination audio files, set many events at the end of the ripping process, contains additional tools with the ability to decode MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and APE audio files from one to another, and more many other options. The software runs fast, easy to use, with advanced graphical use interface. Version 2+ supports VISTA.