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"Fallout 3" aircraft carrier task of the city of clues and details of the extension

Task ------------------------

1. The main line, not to say.

2. To find the robot part, 2 outcomes, the key is to find the other half of the recluse carrier Pinkerton, a lot of discussions, not to say.

3. Bomb the city's survey history of the city carrier. Most people will tell you to go Bannon, is the market area selling clothes that guy, he will boast that their city to create a carrier, there are still seats in parliament, some telling you where to go underground bar owner, she will tell you the real history is Pinkerton's, then go find the other half of the aircraft carrier Pinkerton, he will tell you all, and the first aircraft carrier City Council records.

4. Abraham. Washington for the elderly (the name is very interesting, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington's complex, so you find them two items related to the President that he would buy) tell you to go to the Declaration of Independence, there are many posts to discuss here do not say. Also found in Lincoln souvenirs at the Museum of History, he would buy super cheap - -, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights looks like he will buy.

------------ Book on the branch outside the mission task ----------------------

1.Angela and Diego's love, see here http://game.ali213.net/thread-2399373-1-1.html there are 2 ways to complete. Of course, the queen honey can kill the ants in THOSE task free of charge after

2. Carrier top tower Xiangtiao Lou's old Lopez, the afternoon can be met, but from the Father to find out what the message looks like it is 3 o'clock he was going down after an hour? Can help him jump from a building, to convince him, or let he jumped.

3. Is the mother abused the boy Tammy James, if nostalgic perk can give you a day to let him steal ammunition, nor is it a lot. Convincing good also allows him to leave his mother, but to reduce karma, do not know no better outcome. When to persuade him to run after and play with the little girl will catch up with the door sad cry. Another aircraft carrier deck in the afternoon you can see their two childhood playing ~ he let girls play his mother, his play her - -

4.Bannon you to investigate Seagrave Holmas is not there as a Member of the evidence against him.

5. Addicts Cantelli, has been so completely disappointed wife, said to be able to persuade him to drug treatment, 50 of the speech but I have no treatment options for him, there is to know the students to add. Of course, you can give him drugs, but will reduce the karma.

------------ And the carrier are also some clues regarding the city -----------

1. Metamorphosis male Dukov (4 individuals had the keys is to kill one of the objectives of the task) there's pajamas beauty will ask you to take her to the carrier to the city, extra karma, if you do not take her 5 days later, she will go back to the original dwelling and is no longer and you go.

2. To the fire ant task to find the little boy home, destination, carrier is also the city's landlord Vara Weatherly.

3. Your childhood rival Butch recruited in the city carrier, in the bottom bar, when 101 did not need to kill him. See in particular here http://game.ali213.net/thread-2385998-1-1.html

4. Is kill 4 enemies the keys of the task (in undergurand pick of) the one between the keys in the meal a young man Ted who can convince him, threatened him get the key, it is easy, of course, can kill him. In addition, the above-mentioned old Lopez to persuade other jumping events, to persuade the elderly is that the young man, because he did not father, but the key is his father.

5. Meal, Miss Wong among suspected Sisiter (this name is really a 2) is his slave hunters to hunt, you can give her 25cap let her buy a gun, she will give you a slave camp Temple of Union to coordinate the dialogue of other options I did not test (which has not recorded) do not know what the outcome. Like Sister and Zimmer also live in the city carrier hotel, and can be found in the records from the hotel, stating that they are all outsiders.

6. Ammunition is the slave traders, businessmen Flak mission objectives arrest, he was arrested, the other person will then sell ammunition

------------------- Relationships, details ----------------

1. The little girl's parents Young couple one is a repairman is cleaner, has the gall to live so much room.

2. The little girl looks like and the parents usually do not live together but sleep in the Flak room. This ... ...

3.Doc.Li of bed every day a new man. And the relationship between and dad are very ambiguous, several hesitantly

4.Angela Diego man actually and not a room, told her to get up and you will be pleased to discuss and Diego's wedding. A friend corrected, that is her father.

5.Seagrave chasing landlord Vara Weatherly, Weatherly did not appreciate, however, when they two were alone, you can hear the funny side of the dialogue, seemingly mainly Seagrave enough man.

6. Hotelier Vara Weatherly where you can find out that a lot of information, as long as you are convincing high enough.

7. People are very concerned about the water thing, usually, and guards can hear the conversation.

8. At the city business district will be closed carrier, entered by the guards found to have been following you and calling you out, do not know if it will have been hostile and refuse to leave

Continue to account for floor

9. The church podium inside an empty whisky bottle, it seems sometimes to a priest, and the priest's private locker with an ashtray ... ...

There is also no mention of what the invitation to continue to add ah, I will update this post

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