Thursday, September 23, 2010

If tomorrow is the last night of IPv4

How do we know when they will run out of IPv4 address space? When that day arrives, what happens? Authority who can answer these two questions?

We are using IPv4 on the Internet is built, according to the definition of IPv4, it can provide 4.3 billion address spaces, even with so many addresses, after decades of distribution, is now available for distribution of IPv4 addresses is almost exhausted, and from time to time There are reports that two years in the IPv4 address can be assigned to the no. Assigned IP addresses of organizations, such as the American Internet address registration authority (American Registry for Internet Numbers, ARIN) try to predict when it will run out of IPv4 address space, but has been unable to precisely specify which day.

ARIN XXV, held in last week's strategy session, ARIN's CIO Richard Jimmerson explains ARIN IPv4 address is how to predict when it will run out.

Jimmerson said: "We are about to run out of IPv4 address space, but the trouble is we can not accurately specify the exact date that day, according to application needs and we recover the number of redistribution of the address space, this date may be moved, under the current understanding of the situation analysis, may occur in the middle of next year to the end of a day, ARIN will receive a reasonable request for IPv4 address space, but first we have to say no. "

He said that if the other party that there is no redistribution of IPv4 addresses will be shocked, which is why the promotion of IPv6, ARIN has been the main reason, according to the definition of IPv6, it can provide 340 hundred million trillion Internet addresses, known to all the world things assigned an IP address, IP address does not appear again after the depletion of the situation. 51CTO Editor Note: the relevant knowledge about IPv6, IPv6 protocol, click to expand network infinite space.

It is noteworthy that, ARIN IPv4 address for the first day of rejection is not necessarily the IPv4 address exhaustion of the day.

Jimmerson said: "For different sizes, different types of organizations, that day may be different, for example, some major international organizations, the number of addresses to apply more generally, such an organization is likely to become our first rejected his application object, then we had to tell him that we did not have the address to you, you have to apply for the number of Gaixiao that if this happens, that IPv4 addresses allocated and the day will soon come. "

Other applications for thousands of IPv4 addresses in an organization, this day may be more at a later, but sooner or later even the smallest applications ARIN also can not satisfy the request, Jimmerson said.

Currently, ARIN assigned minimum address size is / 22 addresses, or IPv4 address of 1024, Jimmerson said, can not wait for long, ARIN will be assigned the smallest address block reduced to / 24, that is, 256 IPv4 addresses.

When ARIN will be the last IPv4 address space allocation exhausted, still retaining some of IPv4 addresses. Jimmerson said: "According to the strategic plan, we will retain the special part of IPv4 addresses," he said many years ago, people realized that IPv4 addresses will run out of the day, but also aware of the IPv6 network IPv4 network lost a lot of advantages , it was decided to retain part of the IPv4 address space as a backup, mainly used for DNS and protocol conversion services.

Jimmerson said: "We decided to keep / 8 in the / 10 address side, / 8 address block, including 16,777,214 a IP address, and / 10 addresses, including four million IP addresses. So when we allocated and IPv4 addresses, we still retains / 10 addresses, DNS and agreements fully meet the demand for transfer services address. "

ARIN is responsible for the United States, Canada and Caribbean IP address space allocation, it is the world's five Regional Internet Registries (Regional Internet Registry, RIR) one of the organizations, which are encoded from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority address (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, IANA) obtain IP address, the other four RIR are in Europe RIPE NCC, the Asia-Pacific region APNIC, LACNIC in Latin America and Africa AfriNIC.

Jimmerson said: "When the IANA only 5 / 8 addresses when each RIR allocation strategy is a / 8 address above. Current IANA on hand only 20 / 8 address above, but with the IPv4 address space close to depletion, ARIN applications received in recent years has gradually reduced, in the North American market, IPv4 address space has reached saturation, but other parts of the world the demand is constantly rising, especially in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America on the demand for IPv4 addresses to the highest level in history. "

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