Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Two Errors in the exchange of links

On Google ranking, many people know that link is a very important factor, many people are principles that link the factory.

However, Google or other search engines ranking, your link to more, here's the link that is more effective links, or links are higher quality, not the kind of cheating ah what the site is basically Such examples are common, that is, just do a web site, on the search engines caught, and this is why? way ahead seems simple done some links, in fact that is no secret of, as opposed to some of the popular Key words, you need only some key words in its title Riga, keyword optimization, the written description, alt attributes increase, the do under the Links, then your website within the meaning of words in the search engine rankings surely up, but still very front rank. So the link is a good text or pictures to you? It also said it? Text link is definitely a good strategic, as well as links when we must think about the other side of the site is not your peers, if it is accompanied of the OK, there are many who do not want to do link to this peer's ranking on Google did not help, you do not do peer-link mainly because you are afraid he stole your list, in fact not the case, do business there are many factors in there, this alone is not enough, I believe that everyone is aware of this.

Wrong link exchange:

1, do not think that the higher the better PR.

Many site owners asking to exchange links, the first request is to exceed the number of how many pr.

For similar web sites, web PR is better. This will convert your backlinks, but also can improve your site's PR value, to make your site ranking will be a great contribution (based on hilltop algorithm, ranking the final decision on the number of sites and links quality)

However, if exchange links with sites unrelated to your site, then even high PR and then the role of your website is not great. Here refers not only to improve your PR, but also to your site's ranking. Independent station with your main website, google the link would not change his position for the effective score.

Despite the high PR site links, is similar sites, but if the site has links to pages linked N-Out, so the role of PR for your website is not great. (However, this at least as the situation than the above to be optimistic, but also in the website ranking of the time, this site also occupies a role can not be ignored.)

2, do not believe that the number of links as possible.

Of course, there will be two sides to everything. Is the number the better the link, links web site is not only similar, but also high-quality site (also a high-quality category). In this concept (the number of links as possible) and driven by a lot of people are trying very hard to find the link, especially a free self-help links. Actually, this is no good for profits, many search engines have said the links on this garbage punishment (if you were, then advise you one: quickly receive hands!).

Exchange links a personal view:

1, to see whether the linked site has been the major search engines of your updates by search engines how often (in search results you can see the last update time of the dividend, if more than three days without updates, it will not display) ; if the chain into the major search engines your site is also updated frequently, then your site will account for a lot of light. Because search engines will also link to update the site accordingly, so you do not need to go to the search engine company Jiaoqian to help you updated (such as "Baidu")

2, it was a big categories included (such as: dmoz, yahoo, etc.); such a low PR sites only temporary things will be longer than a month some time, the PR people will fly up to the time you talk to people exchange, people may not agree, and all have a vision of things to deal with the current)

3, it was included most of the pages within the site; if a site of good quality, reasonable structure, then that is such a Web site popular search engine favor. The number of pages your PR value is directly proportional. Of course, some sites dividend collection of more than 2,000 pages, while others have only a collection of more than 80. The latter will certainly be very bad. We see how much your ratio, not only the number. If the former has only a collection of some 100,000 more than 2000 pages, this is not considered a very good web site, which contains only 100 to more than 80. Obviously the latter is much higher quality than the earlier ones had to be. This site would be a good exchange of objects.

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